1. What kind of Podio data is included in the backup?

    The backup will include following data:

    • Workspace stream status messages with comments, files and tasks
    • Tasks with comments and files
    • Workspace files with comments and tasks
    • Apps and App items with files, comments and tasks
    • Messages 
    • Globiflows
  2. What kind of Podio data is not included in the backup?

    • Reports
    • Workflows
    • Widgets
  3. How safe is my data?

    All data including all files that is stored in the backup server is secured with multiple levels of encryption.

    The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used with a 128-bit key to encrypt the data. We use different keys for each backup users and we do not save Podio Username or password of any users. Podio access tokens and other configuration informations are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 256-bit encryption key. 

    All the data is stored in Google Cloud Platform (Region: Europe West. Country: Belgium). The backup happens over secure connection (SSL) between Podio to Backupod.com and Backupod.com to you.
  4. Is it possible to restore the backup data to Podio?

    Yes you can select one or more items and restore to Podio.
  5. How does restoring work?

    If you restore an item that has been deleted from Podio, the item will be recreated in Podio as a new item with all of its files, comments and tasks.

    If you restore an item that still exist in Podio, only the item data & files will be restored. Comments and tasks will not be restored.

  6. Can I preview my backed up data?

    Yes, you can view all your data in a webview similar to the Podio layout. You will be presented with a Dashboard of all your backup sets.
    Clicking on one of the backup sets will show all the organizations included in that backup set in a Podio-like menu structure.
  7. How can I see which backup set is the latest?

    The backups are shown in chronological order so the latest version will be shown first. Additionally, you can see the data and time of the backup.

  8. Can I still restore an app if I've made structural changes in it?

    Yes, the restore will still work. The restore will update the data in the existing items, in the fields that were existing at the time of the backup. Any data on the deleted fields will be also added in the restored items, but it will not change the current Podio app structure.

  9. Can you delete any data from my Podio account?

    The backup tool is not able to delete any data from your Podio account. The backup tool copies all the data while backing up and can create or update items while restoring the data. There is no delete actions in the tool.

  10. I accidentally deleted a backup set - is there anyway I can bring it back?

    No, if you delete a backup, all the data in the backup set will be permanently lost.

  11. What do I do if I find a bug?

    If you encounter a bug, please send us a bug report with the information through the support form here.

  12. How do I send you feature requests?

    If you have a feature request, feel free to send it to us through our support form here.

  13. What is the retention time for backups?

    All the backup data will be retained unless and until you manually delete it from the backup.

  14. How much disk space will be used to do the backup?

    This depends on the volume of data in your Podio account. If you have big files and lot of data, the disk space usage will be high. The total space you are using for the backups will be displayed in the Dashboard.

  15. How often does the backup take place?

    The backup will happen automatically in every 8 hours.

  16. I changed my Podio password, does it affect my configured backups?

    The backup will stop working if you have selected “Log me out of other devices” while changing the password. In that case, you will receive an email with the notification that a backup stopped working and you need to authenticate with Backupod.com again.

  17. Can I restore data from one user into another user account?

    No, this is technically not possible with Podio. Only the logged in user can backup/restore data.

  18. Do items retain their created date during restore?

    No, this is technically not possible with Podio. So the items will be created/modified with the date of the restore, but we add the original created date and created user as a comment.

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